Online course design - FAQs

We already have an online learning platform – if you create a course for us will it work on that?

Yes, that’s not a problem. We use industry-standard software, so the courses we build work across different platforms.

We don’t have an online learning platform – can you host an online course for us?

Yes, we can do this. And you have several options.

These will partly depend on how many online courses you are looking to create and whether you need a unique URL that includes your brand name.

Our account managers will take you through all the options, and their pros and cons. And together we will find the right one for your organisation.

How will we know if people have completed the course?

We can make this happen.

And we even ensure you know when someone has completed each stage or module of the training if that is something you require.

Tell us what information and monitoring your need, and we will build the background reporting into the course design.

It is vital you carefully consider what level of measurement you require. It will take longer to build a course that monitors every stage being completed.

So, are you prepared to wait? Or would it be beneficial to have a first version of the course ready to go that you can evolve over time? 

Can we charge for our online courses?

There has been a boom in online courses. And they can be used in many different ways.

We’ve built courses to help businesses train their employees.

But we have also developed courses with different aims and audiences.  Some courses, for example, are created to further increase brand awareness as part of a content marketing strategy and are given away for free.

Others are used to support and add value to existing services and products. Our sister company Media First has some online courses delegates can use to refresh their knowledge after face-to-face training.

But you can also sell your online course. For it to be profitable, it will need to solve a problem your customers are experiencing, teach them something new or help them achieve a goal.

We have the knowledge and information to teach people but don’t have the technical skills or ability to create a course. Can you still help us?

Yes – and this is where Thirty Seven comes into its own (if we do say so ourselves).

We share a building with our sister company, Media First. It has been creating and delivering communication training for more than 35 years and works with 40 of the FTSE100. As well as its face-to-face training, it also offers several online courses.

And we can wander along the corridor and pull on that extensive expertise to turn your knowledge and information into an inspiring, interactive and dynamic course.  

Are there any types of online courses that you specialise in?

No. We specialise in creating bespoke, inspiring courses for any subject matter.

If you have the course knowledge, we will help you bring it to life with a training course that engages and motivates your audience and helps you achieve your objectives. 

How can we measure the return on investment of any online courses we create?

This will depend on what you want to achieve with your online course.

If you need a course to train your teams, then it will be tricky to prove monetary benefits. But a course that motivates and inspires might lead to better staff engagement levels and boost productivity.

If you are giving your course away for free, you could measure the quality of leads it generates and brand awareness. 

If you are charging for your course, has it boosted revenue and improved customer satisfaction levels?

Ultimately, there is more than one way to measure the success of your online course. We’ll work with you to identify the metrics that work best for your organisation and its aim and objectives.

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