Video production - FAQs

Do you have a studio that we can use? And can you film on location?

Yes and yes. We share a building with our sister company Media First. And this means we have access to broadcast-quality television studios.

They can also help us identify and access studios in other parts of the UK if Reading is too far for you to travel.

Additionally, our camera technicians work across the country and will travel to any location you have in mind for filming.

Can we record video remotely over Zoom?

Yes, we can record video directly over the internet. And it can be done through Zoom, Teams and similar video conferencing software.

But there is dedicated software we prefer to use. And that leads to better results for you. It is software that records locally, leading to smooth recordings and avoiding that pixilation and grainy footage sometimes caused by poor internet connection.

The result is video that looks like it could have been recorded in the same room.

Our strength is journalist-led interview-style video, for things like client testimonials or CEO announcements, that work perfectly face-to-face or through the remote format we have all become so familiar with over the past couple of years.

We can supply the journalists to carry out the interviews or help you facilitate it. We can also train both the interviewer and interviewee, ensuring they both communicate with clarity and confidence in your video.

Do production values matter to you?

Of course. But sometimes, there is a balance to be struck here. There are occasions where lower production values can add to the authenticity of your message.

Slick videos used to be seen as the best way to capture attention.

But we believe that has now been trumped by well-told stories. People want videos that teach them something new, create emotional connections, and keep them entertained.

Quality is often in the eye of the beholder.

Can you create cheap corporate videos?

We don’t create cheap video. No one wants cheap and nasty looking video.

However, we do create cost-effective video.

This is something that takes experience and an understanding of where you can make compromises and create efficiencies without impacting the viewing experience or detracting from the message and story you want to get across.

Sometimes low-cost video shot on smaller handheld cameras such as Go Pros and even smartphones is the answer. We’ve even been known to use footage captured online using webcams.

Can you handle the script writing and storyboarding of a video?

We have writers and journalists who can prepare a script.

But you need to tread carefully with scripts. They can lead spokespeople to appear robotic and can remove their personality from the video. And that can impact its authenticity and believability.

Our preferred videos are the interview-style ones that look like natural conversations. We would storyboard those, but scripting them would be a mistake.

Typically, we would only use scripts for voiceovers.

We have a lot of video footage already – can you re-use this in a corporate video you make for us?

Possibly. But it may be better and more cost-effective for you if we reshoot it.

One of the issues with video is the time and effort that goes into post-production. Using video from different sources will extend that process. And even then, viewers may still be able to tell the difference.

Can you do the editing and post-production?

We can, and it includes things like colour-grading and audio matching. Post-production and editing are the hidden parts of making a video. But they probably account for around 75 per cent of any video project.

To put that in context, let’s say you are making a five-minute video with multiple shot locations or guests. You might spend a day on admin and getting all the kit together. The filming could take another half-day or full day.

And you could then easily spend a day or two days in post-production and editing.

We need to create a video for our website but we are worried about how much time it will take. How much of our time will it take?

The answer to this will depend on the complexity of the video, how you want it to look and what you want it to do.

What we can say now is that it will not take up much of your time.

Our clients trust us to get on with the work. We don’t need our hands to be held and are quite happy to get on with making the video while you carry on with your other work.

We’ll ask for help if we need it.

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