Webinars and online masterclasses - FAQs

Do you have studios we can use to record and broadcast our webinars?

We do. We share a building with our sister company Media First and can use their broadcast-quality television studio. Based in Reading, it can be used to record and broadcast your webinars. Media First also has access to other studios across the country, and we can work with them to identify something closer to your location if you prefer.

Do you offer any training or support for presenters and guests of webinars?

Being asked to lead a webinar can feel daunting. People worry about running out of things to say, facing unexpected questions from the audience, and how they will cope with any technical difficulties.

It is perfectly natural to have these fears and concerns. We can help you overcome them.

Our sister company Media First has been delivering communication training for more than 35 years. We can work with them to help your presenters and guests appear confident, natural and relaxed.   

Will you provide a host for the webinar or can we use one of our spokespeople?

Both options work. 

If you need a webinar host, we have access to the best. We work closely with current working journalists, many of whom you will recognise from the television and radio.

They have vast broadcast experience and will ask the questions that will get the most from your guests.

But you can also use one of your spokespeople to present the webinar. And we can provide them with some training if they are nervous or want to refine their skills. 

Can you help us to manage the email invitations?

We can, and we offer a couple of options.

Firstly, we can help you make the most of whatever email marketing software you are using. We can also recommend software that would best suit your needs and objectives. Or you can use our email marketing software.

We can also provide all the content for your emails. Our writers know what makes audiences tick and will find the words that make your webinar invites stand out and get people to take part. 

I’m worried that if I start a series of webinars, I could run out of ideas. Can you help with this?

This is a question we hear quite often.

And it is worth saying that you don’t need to create a series of webinars.

Sometimes two or three webinars may be all you require to help you achieve the results you want. Even a one-off can bring benefits for some businesses.

It all depends on what you want to achieve and how you want your audience to respond to what they see and hear.

If a series is best for you, we can work with you to make it long-lasting. One of the best ways to do this is by working with one of our journalists.

They can carry out interviews with your guests, and they can help you find and uncover the stories and information that will engage your audience and get them to keep coming back.

Do we need to create a PowerPoint to be used on the webinar?

PowerPoint slides are certainly not compulsory.

And sometimes they can cause problems, particularly when presenters fall into the trap of reading everything on the slide or when the audience can’t see the person talking to them for long periods.

But if you feel you do need PowerPoint slides, we can work with you to design something that creates the right impact and adds value for your audience.

How can you ensure that webinars generate ROI?

Many people will tell you webinars should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. 

But how do you quantify that? How do you prove a return on the time, effort and money you invest into a webinar?

The bottom line – so to speak – is that there is more than one way to prove the success of your webinar.

We can help you identify the best metrics for your organisation and what you want to achieve through webinars. This could include anything from webinar participation statistics, engagement scores and social media promotion and brand awareness figures, to attendees who take your next steps and close deals.

But alongside the measurement, we also advise a healthy helping of realism. Webinars are not a ‘silver bullet’.

View them instead as another piece of your sales and marketing strategy – a way to further warm up your potential customers, move them along the sale journey and complete deals. 

We don’t have a marketing list – can we still run a webinar and how can we attract an audience?

You don’t need to have a marketing list to hold successful webinars. There are many ways to promote your event and ensure virtual bums on seats.

Firstly though, you may have more of a marketing list than you think. While it may not be an email marketing list, your social media followers could provide a large audience.

And the fact they are following you indicates they are interested and invested in what you are saying.

Forums and LinkedIn Groups also offer ready-made audiences – you just need to ensure you are offering something relevant, compelling and valuable.

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn adverts offer other promotion options and may be worth considering if your webinar is about a new product or service rather than thought leadership. However, there are cost implications you will need to factor into the return on investment question we answered above.


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