Web Design Berkshire

Thirty Seven is a web design agency and content marketing agency based in Berkshire (HQ) and London

With our HQ in Reading, Berkshire we serve customers all over the world. Web design is more than how a website looks. Great website design is about the website structure, how well signposted content is, information that is presented clearly and calls to action are obvious and simple for the visitor.

More than anything else though, the primary purpose of any website is to deliver valuable content to your audience. Because content is user experience (UX). Given this is the case we design our websites ‘content first’ for the best possible UX.

Why Thirty Seven?

Our Team

Our team includes working journalists and people from other newsroom and editorial backgrounds who know how to create content which delivers a huge impact. And as media producers our skills don’t stop at storytelling – we also have experts in digital design and branding, print production, video and audio among the team.


Our journalist led editorial team will work with you to identify the right content for your audience, carry our any required research, interview relevant people in your organisation from c-level to the shop floor in order to uncover the human and authentic stories within your business that will give your website a personality that your audience can relate to.

Our Guiding Principals

Journalist led content

We put journalistic principles at the heart of everything we do because we believe in authentic and original content which truly engages audiences and stands the test of time. Content should be more than just marketing.

Content Partnership

We know successful content marketing works best when it’s a collaboration between those who know the business (like your team) and those who can help tell their story (our team). That’s why all our retained clients receive free bespoke training based on their exact needs.

Every company wants to be an authority in their sector - those that engage the media usually are

Media First designs and delivers bespoke media and communications courses that use current working journalists, along with PR and communications professionals, to help you get the most from your communications plan.